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Air Pollution: An overview

AMSA Medical Magazine “AMM” | Open Access | Received: 06 February 2021 | Published: 3 March 2021

Air Pollution: An overview


Shoaib Naeemi(a)

a.       Lecturer, Medical Faculty, Cheraq University


Air pollution accounts for many complex ecological, social, economical, agricultural and health problems globally. As industrialization evolves, the issues related with air pollution increase proportionally. Major health problems such as respiratory disorders, neurological problems and learning disabilities could be a few examples of this global problem. Although, countries around the world are trying to settle this problem, many countries specially developing countries such as Afghanistan and India still suffer severely from this phenomenon. Increasing global awareness by conducting seminars, restricting policies of using heating devices and automobiles and increasing the rate of plantation and decreasing forest ceasing would make this chaotic situation far better than now.

Keywords: Air pollution, public health, environment, policy


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Ahmad Neyazi

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